About us

Friends of Africa Family Safaris arranges lodges and Camping safaris, trekking and hiking tours and beach holidays in Tanzania, Kenya and Rwanda Gorilla trekking as well. We carefully select our well trained guides, drivers, cooks and porters and have a fleet of well-maintained 4×4 vehicles as well as supply gear and equipment for camping safaris and climbing adventures.

Our safari clients are invited to choose from an array of unique and unforgettable tours that include Africa’s best safari parks:

  • watching lions hunt over the endless plains of the Serengeti through which the famous wildebeest migration passes into Kenya’s Masai Mara;
  • sighting the rare Black Rhino in the ‘Lost World’ of the Ngorongoro Crater floor;
  • experiencing the thrill of a close encounter with the giraffe and elephants of Lake Manyara and Tarangire;
  • Chimpanzee Trekking in the Mahale Mountains & Gombe stream national park ,Tanzania
  • hunting with the Hadzabe, the authentic Bushmen of Lake Eyasi who still rely on these ancient techniques to subsist;
  • Spending time with the families of Maasai & Sukuma tribe’s people and learning about their fascinating culture in remote villages that very few visit.
  • Relaxing in Zanzibar,Mombasa, Pemba and mafia Islands
  • Mount Kilimanjaro,Mount Kenya and Mount Meru Climbs
  • Birds watching in lake Victoria (Rubondo Island)